K9 Peak Performance

Excelling as a Team in Sport, Work & Competition




Learn what it takes to achieve K9 Peak Performance!

Imagine having a canine athlete that consistently reaches peak performance in sport, work, or competition. Imagine having the knowledge, skills, and confidence that are needed to design a fitness program that meets the unique needs of both you and your dog. Imagine feeling reassured that you are doing everything possible to help prevent your crazy, high drive working dog from getting injured or suffering from old, reoccurring injuries.

Your canine fitness dreams can indeed become reality by joining the K9 Peak Performance movement and enrolling in our “K9 Peak Performance” program today! By joining the “K9 Peak Performance” program, you will learn the secrets of how to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset that are needed to excel as a successful, elite canine athlete team.

"Achieving peak performance requires having an elite athlete mindset and developing the “mental toughness” that is needed to overcome the fears, blocks, and training slumps that we all face in canine competition and work." - Erica Boling


"Anyone who is involved (seriously) in dog sports is aware how easy it is for a dog athlete to get injured and how abruptly an amazing career can come to an end. Learning how to prevent injuries is crucial if you want to be successful. Every time I get the opportunity, I invite Erica to give presentations and share her work at my workshops. She is amazing!"

  - Ivan Balabanov, Ot Vitosha Malinois


"I 100% believe that this course saved my dog's career. I knew that something was up, but every vet I went to told me there was nothing wrong and to keep working my dog. So that's what I did. For five months. In the first week of taking this course, I knew in no uncertain terms that something was wrong and had the tools I needed to get my dog diagnosed by a canine physical therapist. He is now on the road to recovery and will return to IPO competition in the near future!"

  - Kevin Shephard, Mountain K9


"This is a must take program for all individuals interested in maintaining a healthy canine. Both working and pet dog owners/handlers will obtain a vast amount of knowledge and techniques that will allow them to properly maintain peak condition for their dogs at all life stages. I highly recommend Erica’s programs. Learning from her will equip you with the opportunity to provide your dog with an even healthier life."

  - Francoise Massart, Marvel K9 Dog Training Academy


"Thank you as always Dr. Erica Boling for helping me with workout ideas yesterday. As many of you know Fin and I have been chosen as alternates to represent the USA and the World Cup in France. I know that Fin will have to be in the best shape of his life to compete at such a high level so I contacted Erica who I believe is one of the best in the country at not only getting your dog in peak condition but also keeping them there. No matter if your dog is a pet or elite K9 athlete, Erica is the one to see!"
  - Paul V. Anthony, A&B Canine Training