Elite Canine Athlete Program

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Imagine being recognized as a leader in the canine fitness world and seeing your own dogs excel in sport and work while also helping others achieve the goals and dreams that they desire for their own dogs.

Enjoy a sense of confidence knowing you have a strategic partner to support, motivate, and guide you as you learn how to design and implement the type of canine conditioning programs that are needed to achieve your personal, training, competition, and/or business goals.

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I am committed to helping you make your mark in this world as a knowledgeable leader who understands what it takes to implement programs leading to better conditioned, highly performing dogs. I will help you harness the power that you did not even know you had to make a positive impact on your dog's life and the lives of others. To learn more about the "Elite Canine Athlete Program," please click below to download our program brochure!


Erica C. Boling, PhD

Founder, Northeast K9 Conditioning Academy