10 Ways to Add Value to Your Canine Programs

Apr 08, 2019

I’m always trying to come up with innovative and creative ways to add value to my canine business and training programs. Since much of my work is done online, most of my ideas are grounded in technology and social media. The good news is, however, that even brick and mortar canine businesses can use online or digital strategies to add value to their programs!

Below are just a few of the many strategies that I have seen canine professionals successfully use...

  1. Photo or Video Story - Document your clients’ progress as they work with you. Collect photos and/or videos from the first day you meet them and throughout their programs. Celebrate with your clients by presenting them with a book or video that documents the progress they have made over time.
  2. Video Submission & Critique - In addition to meeting face-to-face, give your clients an opportunity to submit videos to you for feedback and critique. This could be videos of them practicing their “homework” with their dogs. It could also be them submitting videos to get feedback from their canine work and/or competition.
  3. Online Live Q&A - Offer weekly or monthly Facebook Live Q&A shows. Do live webinars with special guest speakers. Bring in new “hot topics” to discuss or simply offer extra support through online Q&A sessions.
  4. Video Resource Library - Start documenting everything that you and your clients are doing with video. Create short video tutorials to illustrate things that you are teaching. Even those “blooper” videos can provide great teachable moments! Offer clients access to your video library.
  5. Digital Workbook - Get all those handouts, notes and worksheets together to create a digital workbook for your clients. Use it as a way to help them stay organized, document their progress, and hold them accountable between training sessions.
  6. Special Topics Online Workshops - Give your clients opportunities to take a “deeper dive” into relevant topics by offering online webinars and workshops. Expand their knowledge beyond what you are providing through face-to-face instruction.
  7. Virtual Coaching - Do you have clients who live far away and struggle to see you every week? Do you lose clients because their work schedule doesn’t allow them to join your classes? Offer virtual coaching to your clients so that you can expand your reach and have a more flexible work schedule!
  8. Online Courses - Supplement your face-to-face instruction with online courses. Tired of saying the same things over and over to your students? Tired of repeating the same basic concepts class after class? Consider putting some (or all) of this content into online courses or short video tutorials.
  9. “Behind the Curtain” Insider’s VLOG - Everybody wants to know the secrets to becoming an expert! Give your students a special insider’s view into your own areas of expertise by creating and sharing a video blog (VLOG). Do they want to know how you raise your puppies? Are they curious how you prepare for a big competition? Do they want to know how you deal with daily training challenges? Start documenting your own experiences and offer them a special “behind the curtain” insider’s view so that they can learn from you.
  10. Membership Program - Use ideas listed above (or create your own) to add ongoing value to your programs. Once you have something to offer your clients on an ongoing basis, invite them to a monthly membership program where they get access to it all!

Do you like the idea of growing your online presence to reach more clients but feel intimidated, nervous or scared when it comes to actually doing it on your own? Are you struggling to take your business to that next level and looking for ways to increase profits by adding value to what you're already doing? If yes, you might want to check out my Canine Business Online Mastermind program! Don't hold back and let the creativity flow! There are so many ways to provide additional value (and add more revenue!) to what you are already doing!!!


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