Canine Acupuncture: Interview with Dr. Rebecca White

Jul 13, 2023

I'm super excited to share with you my latest podcast interview with Dr. Becca White! She specializes in canine and equine acupuncture and comes to my house to do sessions with Bacci. (He's turning 14 next month!)

A couple months ago I shared a blog, Navigating the Bittersweet. In it, I discussed Bacci's struggles, how he sometimes has trouble walking, and why I was thrilled to meet Dr. White. Be sure to check it out if you missed it!

I've seen some amazing results since Dr. White started doing acupuncture with Bacci!

Click below to watch the full video interview or listen on your favorite podcast channel. I've also included a breakdown of the major topics that we discuss in this. podcast episode. (See below.)

  • Introduction and why Dr. White chose to focus on acupuncture (00:00)
  • What is acupuncture and why would dog owners choose it (05:10)
  • Bacci (senior Malinois) and his response to acupuncture (07:59)
  • Responses to acupuncture and how long it takes to see results (11:56)
  • Different types of acupuncture (13:20)
  • Who might not be a good candidate for acupuncture (15:17)
  • What to expect at your first acupuncture session (17:23)
  • How can you find a qualified person to do canine acupuncture (20:11)
  • Concerns regarding whether acupuncture if painful for the dog (25:31)
  • Use of acupuncture to prevent injuries (27:48)

We hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did! Here's to keeping all our dogs fit, happy, and healthy!

- Erica

P.S. Bacci continues to have his good days and bad days, but overall, he's still doing very well! He still has his spunk and attitude, frequently forgetting his body is not as young as his spirit and mind!


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