Top 20 Reasons to Work with a Canine Fitness Coach

Dec 29, 2016


Recently I’ve been thinking about the power of working with coaches. I’ve used a business coach to help expand my business. I’ve had mentors coach me on how to conduct and publish academic research. I also currently have a boxing coach who helps me improve my boxing technique.
It’s easy to turn to a coach when we are struggling and trying to solve problems. When things are going well, however, why would a person need a coach? (I recently asked myself this when weighing the pros and cons of hiring a new coach.)
Speaking from the perspective of a person who coaches others and who has also hired coaches, I feel very strongly that working with a coach has the potential to transform lives (both human and canine!). So when it comes to canine fitness, how might you benefit from working with a coach? Here are my top 20 reasons...

  1. Helps you become clearer about your dreams and goals
  2. Helps you create clarity on what you really want and/or what you and your dog need
  3. Helps you identify your (and your dog's) strengths and weaknesses
  4. Helps you set and achieve goals and dreams
  5. Assists in customizing your dog’s fitness routine, thereby reducing the likelihood of injury compared to if you were doing it all on your own
  6. Helps you stay focused and ensures that you put your plan into action
  7. Assists you through problems and challenges so that you are more likely to succeed
  8. Holds you accountable so that you stay focused and on track
  9. Challenges you to try new things while ensuring safety along the way
  10. Motivates you to work harder so that you and your dog can reach peak performance
  11. Introduces you to new and more effective methods, thereby enhancing performance
  12. Helps you step back and think more strategically
  13. Helps you see your blind spots and provides objective feedback
  14. Provides support through instruction while teaching you new ways to exercise
  15. Gives you an edge in training, competition, and/or business
  16. Encourages and motivates you
  17. Helps you work more efficiently
  18. Helps you acquire the courage and confidence needed to succeed when trying new things
  19. Has the potential to increase creativity and income for canine business owners
  20. Enhances your own coaching and leadership skills since these skills will be modeled to you

Of course, simply hiring a coach doesn’t mean you are guaranteed these benefits. You need to make sure that you find the right coach. Stephen Key (2014) points out that good coaching qualities should include…


  • Experience  (They have been in the trenches, have LIVED it, and can help you avoid making the same mistakes that they have made.)
  • Relatable, accessible, and patient
  • A great attitude and a good listener 
  • Willingness to share their experiences with you
  • Expertise in their field and a love for teaching

As you can see, there are tremendous benefits to working with a coach. To ensure that you get the most from your coaching experience, however, you should ask yourself a few questions in advance. These include: Are you coachable? Are you committed? Are you willing to make the investment in time and money? Do you have realistic expectations?

If you would like to know more about my coaching process, please let me know! I know most people have not given canine conditioning coaching or mentoring much thought, but I encourage you to consider how both you and your dog could benefit from it!


P.S. To identify even more specific areas where a canine fitness coach can help you, take the Canine Fitness Quiz today! It only takes a few minutes, and a summary of your results will be emailed to you. 


Photo by Elliott Rubin

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