Mission Ready K9 Program



  • Feeling confident knowing that you have a canine partner who can consistently work at peak performance and is always fit for duty 
  • Helping your canine partner reach top physical condition so that he or she can work more effectively and efficiently in challenging environments 
  • Knowing how to design a training program that minimizes the chance of injury while increasing the likelihood of a long and productive working career 
  • Having a working canine that performs better under pressure with more strength, focus and stamina  





The MRK9 Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of police, military and SAR canine handlers; however, other individuals involved in the working dog world can also benefit. Click below to see an overview of the components of the first online course, "Reaching Peak Performance through Canine Fitness."

This course has been carefully designed to provide you with an uncommon level of support and guidance that speaks to the specific needs of the protection, patrol and scent detection working canine. 



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