$1,297.00 USD

K9 Peak Performance

Here’s what you get…

  • Six-month, VIP access to the online course, “Canine Conditioning 101: Enhancing Health & Fitness for the Canine Athlete”
  • Access to “Canine Conditioning 101" downloadable slides and handouts for each instructional module
  • Personalized feedback on one canine fitness program of your choice
  • Two private, 30-minute coaching sessions to receive individualized support and feedback from your instructor, Dr. Erica C. Boling
  • Bonus Lesson: Introduction to Canine Anatomy & "Finding Anatomy of the Dog" video tutorial 
  • Bonus Module: “Massage for the Canine Athlete”
  • VIP status with discounted rates on Northeast K9 Conditioning Academy’s online courses and coaching programs

What People Are Saying:

Anyone who is involved (seriously) in dog sports is aware how easy it is for a dog athlete to get injured and how abruptly an amazing career can come to an end. Learning how to prevent and deal with existing injuries is crucial if you want to be successful. Every time I get the opportunity, I invite Erica to give presentations and share her work at my workshops. She is amazing!

Ivan Balabanov, Ot Vitosha Malinois

I 100% believe that this course saved my dog's career. I knew that something was up, but every vet I took him to told me there was nothing wrong and to keep working him. So that's what I did. For five months. In the first week of taking this course I knew in no uncertain terms that something was wrong, and had the tools I needed to get him diagnosed by a canine physical therapist. He is now on the road to recovery, and will make a full recovery and return to IPO competition in the near future!

Kevin Shephard, Mountain K9

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Boling many times over the past year. I find her to be an invaluable resource within her field. Erica's keen eye for detail, natural ‘feel’, and strong science background allow her to not only quickly and accurately assess, and help dogs in her care, but also educate owners on the details of her approach. Observing Erica with her own dogs has encouraged me to take a more proactive and comprehensive approach to my own dogs’ wellness – ensuring they have the physical tools and preparations needed to successfully participate in the rigors of competitive dog sport, as well as an active day to day lifestyle. Because of the activity-rich lifestyle she pursues with her dogs - both competitive sport and everyday life - she’s able to bring personal experience and clear first hand information to her practice and teaching. Erica’s encouragement, counsel, and professional guidance have allowed me to move forward with a more complete and healthy living with my dogs.

Forrest Micke, Dog-training and Behavior Educator, Wellness Advocate